Mandatory Gear & Bike Check

Mandatory Gear List

The Motatapu mandatory gear list contains what we believe is the absolute minimum to keep you safe in the alpine environment.  The weather is very unpredictable in the high country, a front can blow in and out of the mountains in less than 12 hours. It has been both sweltering hot and freezing cold in this area during March so you should be well prepared with all the necessary gear for all conditions, including snow, due to the high elevation of this event.

All competitors must carry the mandatory gear at all times during race day. No mandatory gear = no start! Any infringement may result in disqualification or removal from the event.  

Click to download the mandatory gear list for your Motatapu event:

ŠKODA Mountain Bike

Off-Road Marathon

Miners & Sawpit Trail Runs

XTERRA Triathlon

Ultra Run

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Mandatory Gear Checks

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Ultra Run

The Ultra Run will have a mandatory gear check at Athlete Registration in Wanaka or Arrowtown on Friday 8 March 2019. All competitors must have all mandatory gear items in order to get their race number and start the race. There will also be a mandatory gear check on course at Checkpoint A (Fernburn Hut). Any competitors missing any items will not be allowed to continue.  


You are not required to get your mandatory gear checked prior to the XTERRA Tri, Miners Trail, ŠKODA MTB and Off Road Marathon. There will be random gear checks at the start line and during the event, and if you are missing any items you will not be allowed to continue. 

There will also be a random gear checks on place getters at the finish line.  If any items are missing athletes will receive a time penalty of up to 30mins. The length of the time penalty is at the discretion of the Race Director. 

If you are uncertain about whether your gear meets the mandatory gear requirements then you should get advice and your gear checked at your local outdoor sports store.

Compulsory MTB Bike Checks

Gear 5

ŠKODA Mountain BIke and XTERRA Tri

Bike checks are compulsory for all ŠKODA Mountain Bike and XTERRA Triathlon competitors. Bike Checks can be done from 9:00am Monday 21 January 2019 until 5.00pm Friday 8 March 2019. All ŠKODA MTB &  XTERRA Tri competitors must get their bike and helmet checked at one of the Official Bike Check Stores prior to event day. No Bike check = no start!

Once the Bike Check is complete an Official Motatapu sticker will be attached to your bike. This sticker must be shown at Athlete Registration in order to get your race number and start the race. We recommend getting your Bike Check done as early as possible in case any repair work needs to be done.

Official Bike Check Stores to be confirmed in early January . If you would like your local Bike Store added please have them email us at