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Macpac is all about getting people into the outdoors, and encouraging them to venture out into their own backyards – through fitness, exploration and recreation. Our people are passionate, experienced outdoors enthusiasts who test our gear every day, in the ultimate adventure test lab – New Zealand. Let us share our expertise to help you get the best out of your journey. Whatever your adventure.

Foundation Partners

Queenstown Lakes District Council


The Queenstown Lakes District Council provides high quality services and facilities to residents and visitors alike.  This includes providing good quality local infrastructure; managing parks, trails, libraries and recreational facilities; enabling sustainable development through resource and building consenting services; and regulating local activities such as dog and noise control; parking enforcement and local health standards.

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You'll find the word ‘pride' printed on the Speight's Gold Medal ale label. It is that pride that defines Speight's and sets us apart from ordinary beer brands. We are proud to come from a mighty little country that's prepared to take on the best of the rest of the world.



A delicious clean soda. Made in NZ, Hӧpt was crafted by a team of people across Tokyo, Melbourne & Auckland who came together to create something for people coming together. It’s named so because ‘hӧpt’ is an ancient skaldic term thought to mean ‘connected’.

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PURE Sports Nutrition

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PURE Electrolyte Hydration is a premium natural electrolyte drink base using real freeze dried fruit, carbohydrates and electrolytes.  PURE electrolyte hydration in Lemon and Superfruit flavours will be available at the aid stations.

Charity Partner

Queenstown Trails Trust


Come and experience the full grandeur of Queenstown and journey along 120kms of trails alongside awe-inspiring alpine vistas, crystal clear lakes, stunning river gorges and hidden ruins. Combine your active adventure with world-class accommodation, food and wine for an experience you will savour forever.

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