Entry Policies
Saturday 1 March 2025

Entry Policies

Key Dates

1 May 2024, 10:00am 2025 entries open
30 September 2024 75% refund closes
31 December 2024 50% refund closes
24 January 2025 Last day to enter and receive a personalised bib
21 February 2025 25% refund closes

Transport refunds close

Person-to-person transfer close

All entries and transport bookings close

*All times are based on NZST.

XCover Entry Protection

We highly recommend adding XCover to your entry at the time of booking. This covers athletes who are unable to attend due to illness or injury or for other limited reasons.

For XCover refund requests, you first need to activate your XCover Account. If this is your first time logging in to your XCover Account, you first need to find the first confirmation email from XCover and click the link to set up your XCover Account. Make sure you check your spam folder if you can’t find your confirmation email in your inbox. Once you have set up your XCover Account, you can view your documents and start a claim. XCover entry fee insurance can only be added when you first enter the event, and can be cancelled up to 14 days after purchase.
Add your XCover protection in the final step of your registration process online. The cost for adding XCover is 8% of your entry fee.

Please note that XCover usually requires an official doctor’s letter for any claims based on illness or injury.

Request a Refund Claim

Got a question about XCover?
Visit the XCover Help Centre for answers to many questions. Should you need to, there are instructions for how to contact the XCover support team.
Terms & Conditions

2025 Cancellation Policy

If you need to withdraw due to a change in plans or an injury, you can choose to either refund your entry on the current policy or transfer your entry to someone else, as per the transfer and refund policies below. There are no transfers to the following year’s event.

Withdrawals submitted up until midnight 30 September 2024 will receive 75% refund of the entry fee paid.

Withdrawals submitted between 1 October 2024 and midnight 31 December 2024 will receive 50% refund of the entry fee paid.

Withdrawals submitted between 1 January 2025 and midnight 21 February 2025 will receive 25% refund of the entry fee paid.

Withdrawals submitted after midnight on 21 February 2025 will receive no refund. And no rollover/transfer entries are available.

Entries cannot be transferred to the following year.

Requests for withdrawals can be notified by completing the form below or contacting the organisers via [email protected]. Refunds will be made via the method your entry was paid (i.e. either credit card or internet banking). Refunds will be made within 10 working days of submission.

Withdrawal Form

Entry Changes

Changes between events (i.e. Marathon to Mountain Bike)

Changes submitted up until midnight 31 December 2024 are permitted with the difference (if any) in entry fee required to be paid (no refund if event participant is changing to has a lower entry fee).

Changes submitted between 1 January 2025 and midnight 21 February 2025 are permitted with the difference (if any) in entry fee required to be paid plus a $25 change fee (no refund if event participant is changing to has a lower entry fee).

Personalised bibs will no longer be available after 24 January.


Transfer Your Entry To Someone Else

Participants can transfer their race entry to someone else until midnight, Friday 21 February 2025 using the approved transfer process via your EventPlus profile. No transfers will be accepted after this date.

It is not permitted to transfer your race entry to someone else other than through this process, including on Race Day.

It is very important for health and safety reasons for us to know the correct identity of every athlete on course, and accordingly, it is strictly prohibited to race under another person’s race bib.

Any athletes caught doing this will be disqualified and may be prevented from entering future events.

Important Info:

A transfer fee of $25.00 will be charged to the new athlete.

It is not possible to transfer your entry to someone else to a different event (i.e. Miners Trail to Marathon).

It is up to the athletes to arrange payment of the entry fee from the new athlete to the withdrawing athlete, organisers will not get involved in this process

The transfer must be completed within 3 days or it will be automatically cancelled. Then a new transfer link must be sent again.

All transport tickets are non-transferable. The person purchasing the transferred entry will need to purchase new transport tickets at the time of the online transfer.

Transfer Process:

  1. The initial registrant logs into their EventPlus Account.
  2. Click ‘Summary’ from the left-hand menu.
  3. Under the entry you wish to transfer, click the ‘transfer’ button. You will need to enter the email address for the new athlete you wish to transfer the entry to.
  4. The new athlete will be sent an email with instructions on how to accept the transfer. This email link expires after 3 days.

To visit the official Facebook page for Athlete Transfers & Re-sales click here.

Transport Cancellation Policy

Transport cancellation requests submitted up until midday Friday 21 February 2025 will receive a 90% refund of their transport fee.

Transport cancellation requests submitted after this will receive no refund of their transport fee.

If you would like to cancel your transport booking please email us at [email protected]


Click here to download the event Waiver.  The waiver will be available to view, read and accept during the entry process. Entries will only be accepted from athletes that agree to the waiver.

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