Run / Walk Podcast
Saturday 1 March 2025

Run / Walk Podcast

Meet Kylie Bulling, a determined Mum of two. Discover how she balances training and family life while pursuing her 2024 Trail Marathon goal, all while achieving some personal PBs along her journey. Kylie has conquered the UDC Finance Miners Trail both before and after kids and provides some valuable insights for those already signed up or considering entering.
Gary Kirkman, a seasoned Motatapu Trail Marathon participant with 16 events under his belt! Get valuable insights from him, including advice for first-timers and tips for navigating the iconic river crossings in the final few kms of the Trail Marathon course.
Introducing Nick Boyd, a keen runner who’s previously completed the Trail Marathon and is taking on the Ultra in 2024. He’ll be sharing the trail with the person who inspired him to start running 14 years ago. Nick is excited to experience that euphoric finish line moment with his long-time inspiration.
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